There’s nothing worse than road rash from coming off a bike. As tempting and exciting as it can be to ride wearing nothing but stretchy jeans and a t-shirt, it really is a good idea to don motorcycle leathers when you hit the road.

Motorcycle leathers have improved a lot in terms of comfort and quality these days, and there are plenty of styles to choose from – whether you’re a fan of classic black or prefer the more modern and stylish looks with brighter colors and brand logos, there are leathers that will suit you. There are even thinner, lighter leathers that have reinforced areas where you’re likely to need them the most – so you’ll feel more comfortable riding, and won’t overheat.

There are a lot of companies selling motorcycle leathers, including customs and brands at a range of price points. If you’re looking for a good deal in New Zealand, you probably don’t want to import leathers because they’re quite big and bulky. Rather, try buying from a recognized local retailer such as Moto1 that understands the needs of motorbike users, and that can offer good deals on products for riders to keep them safe and comfortable.

Moto1 has a good range of motorcycle leathers, including different sizes to suit men and women, and you can buy pants, jackets or full suits depending on what makes you the most comfortable.

In addition to leathers, they also sell textile jackets. You might think this is strange, but a lot of people feel that textiles are more breathable, or simply prefer not to wear leathers because they are vegetarian or have other beliefs that make animal leathers unsuitable for them.

Before you buy motorcycle leathers, take a moment to read the reviews on them to make sure you understand the sizing – especially if you’re buying online. Usually the sizing takes into account the fact that you will be wearing your leathers over clothes a lot of the time, but it’s still something to remember.

If you have kids that ride pillion, take good care of them – you can get leather jeans and jackets for kits that look a lot like regular clothes but still offer good protection. It’s important that you instill in your kids a sense of safety before they start riding, because all it takes is for them to come off once, and even if they aren’t seriously hurt, friction burns could put them off riding for the rest of their lives.

Leathers with reinforcedĀ  knees are a good choice if you ride a lot or ride long distances and are concerned that you could end up banging your legs or coming into contact with the road.

If you’re not sure what you need, call the customer service team at your chosen retailer and ask them to explain the differences to you. Don’t just buy the ‘most expensive’ leathers – any leathers sold in New Zealand for motorcyclists should meet safety standards.